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Rey Mysterio Bombay Tour

Welcome Rey Mysterio to Bombay!

Hello everyone.Here's all the update,News & pics on WWE Superstar REY MYSTERIO's visit to Bombay,India.

I was there at Crossroads on 14th March 2007.My 2nd WWE Live Event. 

 Wrestling: WWE star floors Mumbai kids
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (Mumbai):

It was a dream come true for everybody - the children from the NGO Door step school as well as Rey Mysterio himself.

The WWE star is known as 619, which is of course the most popular number of the morning.

"Speaking to little kids about respect, about life, about what I went through to become who I am that goes beyond my dreams. It's an influence I never thought I could have had," said Rey Mysterio, WWE Superstar.

"First I want to study, then maybe do Karate to boxing and become a wrestler like him," said Govind Kisan Rathore, Student, Doorstep School.

WWE is the sport most watched on television after cricket but Mysterio claims little knowledge of the bat and ball game but he warns that with it being World Cup season he could get addicted to it easily.

"I have seen the sport. I try to understand it but I guess like anything else if you see it you get the idea it has its own rules and you have got to follow them. I could get hooked on watching cricket," said Rey Mysterio, WWE superstar.


WHEN Ten Sports announced Ray Mysterio was coming to Mumbai, it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for any World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) buff to catch a glimpse of him. For me, this was an opportunity not to be missed — even if it meant going to the other side of town.

Mysterio is the fourth WWE star I have met in three years. Last year, John Cena created ripples when he visited Mumbai on a promotional tour.

Three years ago, two other wrestler stars — Booker T and Gold Dust — were here.

The mother-of-all meetings took place at the Mayfair Rooms in Worli on Tuesday night when Mysterio appeared in front of a gathering.

Just a glimpse of him was enough to set my heart pounding. The crowd got to see the real Mysterio when he unmasked for a second.

He obviously did not look as menacing as he does with his mask. I shook hands with him while some others were busy posing for photos or taking autographs.

When my chance to get up, close and personal came, a strange feeling engulfed me. He asked me my name and when I spelt it out, he quipped, “Hey, that’s a nice name!”

In his typical Yankee accent he told a bit about himself. He said, “I always wanted to be a wrestler and started working out since 12.

That’s why I got stunted.” He added, “So don’t work out from an early age, you know what will happen. I did not listen to my mamma. I am originally from Mexico but I live in San Diego with my family.”

with writer Luqman Parkar
Like Salman Khan, Mysterio pulled off his T-shirt to show the tattoos in his body. The word Mexican was inscribed on his belly and his forearm sported the number 619, which he utters while annihilating his opponents.

His wife and son’s names are also inscribed (his wife appears smaller). “That’s because I don’t know whether she would stay with me. But now, everything is fine at home!”

He even folded up his jeans to show us an injury he received about six months ago for which he had to be operated upon.

“They (doctors) put me to sleep and did whatever they wanted to save my leg. When I came to my senses, I was screaming in pain,” he said.

“I love India,” he added and to show it, he wore a kurta at one of the events in Mumbai.

Mysterio even did a bit of arm wrestling, but bowled over the children when he conceded defeat to the kids. 


Rey Mysterio at Door Step School

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar, Rey Mysterio (centre), was at the Radio One 94.3 studio at Tardeo on 14th March 2007. The WWE star has his hands full with Radio One's Sangram and Jaggu.